AVE by Korman Communities wins The Kingsley Excellence Award


AVE recognized as one of the multifamily industry’s best-in-class.

Kingsley announced yesterday the winners of its 2022 Kingsley Excellence Awards, which recognizes multifamily companies who continually exceed industry standards and consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

“We are so proud to be recognized during the 2022 Kingsley Excellence Award program as No. 1 in their Elite Five!” says Lea Anne Welsh, COO of Korman Communities; President of AVE. “These rankings are based on resident survey feedback, which is truly the greatest honor. It’s a real testament to our team’s passion and dedication to taking care of our residents, delivering top-notch service, and creating a real sense of community every day.” 

To qualify for a Kingsley Excellence Award, a property’s resident satisfaction must exceed the Kingsley IndexTM, the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry, representing more than 6 million prospects and residents surveyed annually.  

”Surveys are the premier tool to gain insight and benchmark change. The Kingsley Excellence Awards recognize those who have gone above and beyond in regard to industry standards and understand the importance of providing their customers with the highest experience, ” said Kendall Pretzer, CEO of Grace Hill. "These are the companies who exceed expectations on a continual and consistent basis. Grace Hill is proud of the contributions these companies make to the industry.” 

AVE was recognized with the #1 ranking in Kingsley Surveys Elite 5, visit this link.

The Kingsley Excellence Awards also recognizes the Top 100 individual multifamily properties that achieved outstanding performance in 2022. Three AVE communities made the top 100 list: AVE Blue Bell, The Franklin Residences, and AVE Florham Park.

About Grace Hill  

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Methodology for KingsleySurveys  

All Grace Hill KingsleySurveys clients can be eligible for the award and are not solicited to participate. To earn the award, a property’s resident satisfaction must exceed the Kingsley Index, which is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry and represents over 6 million prospects and residents surveyed annually. 

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