Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful information here, but if you can’t find an answer please contact us at 888.746.2901

Am I responsible for maintenance in apartment?

We are responsible for all maintenance in our apartments pertaining to non-personal items. We provide 24/7 on-call emergency maintenance for after-hour needs.

Are unfurnished apartments and furnished apartments in separate buildings?

There are unfurnished apartments and furnished apartments in every building.

Are there elevators in the buildings?

Our mid- and high-rise communities have elevators. Our garden-style communities do not.

Do you allow pets?

We understand that pets are an important part of the family. AVE offers select pet-friendly suites and apartments at all of our communities. For information on pet fees, please contact your community of interest or chat with an AVE team member now.

Do you charge an amenity fee?

AVE is a lifestyle. Our amenities and services are provided complimentary to both furnished residents and long-term apartment renters to offer carefree living.

Does my lease (furnished or unfurnished) need to start on the first of the month?

No, you can check-in for a furnished stay or start your apartment lease on any day of the month.

How do I pay rent?

You can pay your unfurnished apartment rent in person by check. You can also pay online and opt to set up automatic withdrawal from your bank account. There is a surcharge for credit card payments. We do not accept cash.

For our furnished apartment service, we accept payment via credit card, wire, cashier’s check, or money order. We do not accept personal checks.

How soon in advance can I book my furnished stay?

Based on availability, your furnished stay can be booked same-day or for any future date.

Is a background check required for furnished stays?

Yes, if you are an individual paying for the cost of your stay, a background check and proof of income are required.

Is housekeeping provided on the weekends?

Housekeeping services are provided every other week Monday-Friday.

Is there a charge for parking?

We do not charge an additional fee for parking for our furnished residents, as our daily rate reflects an all-inclusive price. Parking varies by property for our long-term apartment renters. Please contact your community of interest or chat with an AVE team member now for more information.

Is there a deposit required for furnished stays?

No, we do not require a deposit for a furnished stay.

Is there additional storage on the property for residents?

Some communities do have additional storage spaces on site available for rent for an additional fee. Please contact your community of interest or chat with an AVE team member now for more information.

Is there public transportation nearby?

Yes, our locations are handpicked for convenience. All AVE communities are located near public transportation to neighboring towns and Metro areas. For information on public transportation at a specific community, please contact your location of interest or chat with an AVE team member now.

What additional charges are there after monthly rent?

Furnished residents are charged a daily rate, which is all-inclusive. Long-term apartment renters may choose to add conveniences such as parking and storage, and are responsible for utilities. These fees vary by community. Please contact your location of interest for more.

What documents and total amounts will I need to bring for move-in day?

Apartment renters need to provide proof of renters' insurance. You must also have submitted pro-rated rent payments either through online portal or check via certified funds, cashier's check, or money order. Other fees that may be expected on move-in day include pet fees and security deposits (if required).

Furnished residents must bring a valid photo ID.

What happens if I need to break my lease early?

We try to be as flexible as possible, as we know many of our residents are in transition. Furnished stays are a 30-day minimum. After 30 days, you only need to provide a 15-day notice-to-vacate.

For our long-term apartment renters, we offer a lease breakage addendum with a two-month buyout. We can send you this addendum prior to lease signing, so you can review the terms to help you make the best decision possible.

What if I want to add a roommate to the lease?

All occupants 18 years or older would need to apply as you did. Once approved, they can be added to the lease.

What is included in the furnished daily rate?

All suite costs are included in the daily rate. Also included are parking, housekeeping, WiFi, utilities, and use of all on-site amenities.

What is the minimum length of lease term for a furnished apartment?

Our furnished apartments are designed to provide comfort and flexibility for extended stay living needs. We require a 30-day minimum for all furnished stays. After that, you only need to provide a 15-day notice to vacate.

Why are long-term apartment renters charged a move-in fee?

We charge a one-time, move-in fee in lieu of collecting a security deposit. The move-in fee enables you to make the apartment your own. You can paint, hang a TV or pictures on the wall, and you do not need to restore the apartment or make repairs when you move out. If you renew your lease, you do not have to pay this fee again.