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Jamie D'Ercole

Jamie D'Ercole

Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations

"I love being on the winning team! The bar is definitely set high and we challenge our team members to be the best in all aspects of our business. We work hard but we also enjoy an amazing culture where we are valued, supported and where we reward and celebrate our success!"


-Love sailing on Starfire, our C&C 38ft sailboat
-I am NOT afraid of snakes, mice or rats but if I ever see a tarantula or scorpion in Texas ALL future meetings will be held virtually from a safe location somewhere in the North East!
-The thing I am most proud of is raising 3 of the most amazing young men!


ave journey:


Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations, AVE


Senior General Manager, AVE Florham Park


General Manager, AVE Clifton


Business Development Manager, AVE Clifton

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