Yoga To Go


Man in yoga pose

When polled about the inconveniences of business travel, many road warriors identify interrupted fitness routines as a major grievance. While toting your free weights may be out of the question (imagine the baggage fees!), there are ways to stay fit on the go. I recently sat down with Christine Eck, owner of Divine Yoga & Wellness in Secaucus and AVE Union’s resident yoga instructor, who shared some basic yoga positions that could be done at the airport or from your room – and all you need, is a towel.

Neck Roll

Gently roll your neck in a clockwise direction several times. Then gently roll it in the opposite direction. “This pose will help lengthen the neck muscles and calm the mind,” Eck says.

Shoulder Stretch

Clasp your hands behind your back and push them away, straightening your arms. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and gently look toward the ceiling. This position can be done seated or standing. “This pose helps release any tension that is stored in the neck and shoulders,” she says.
 Cow and Cat

To get into cow pose, arch your back and look up toward the ceiling as your inhale. When exhaling, round your spine and let your head drop forward to enter cat. Repeat the cow-cat movements on each inhale and exhale
for five breaths. “This pose will gently warm-up and lengthen the spine,” Eck says.

Seated Twist

Seated in a chair, cross your legs, bring the opposite hand to the knee that is crossed over, and twist to look over your shoulder. Repeat on both sides. This pose can also be executed on the floor. “This pose energizes the spine and stimulates digestion,” she says.

Seated Forward Bend

Inhale and lift your hands up to the sky, then exhale and bend forward, reaching for your toes. Hold here. Then repeat three times. “This pose will help lengthen and strengthen your spine and legs,” Eck says.

Ankle Roll

Straighten your legs and draw circles with them clockwise and then counterclockwise. “This pose will help to lubricate the ankle joints when they can get stiff from sitting, standing or walking,” she says.

Christine Eck is the owner of Divine Yoga & Wellness in Secaucus and a wellness educator. She completed a 300-hour yoga teacher-training program at the American Yoga Academy in 2011 and has been teaching in New Jersey and New York ever since. Eck is an advanced Reiki practitioner, certified in Reiki I, II and ART. She is also certified in BodyTalk Access and CPR. Eck has also led meditation seminars and wellness workshops throughout the Tri-State Area. Her studio in Secaucus offers yoga, Reiki, intuitive readings and workshops. She also leads a yoga class at our Union community. Call the management office for a current schedule.