What is the Difference Between a Traditional Apartment Rental and a Furnished Apartment?


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If your next move is on the horizon, it’s important to take the time to understand your options, so you can have clarity in your apartment search and confidence in your next home.  

Apartment Options Defined 

A furnished apartment has everything you need to live comfortably as soon as you arrive. It has designated living spaces including a kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom, and bathroom and a complete furniture package including a sofa, TV, table and chairs, coffee table, dresser, and a bed. Some furnished apartments even include cookware, dishware, bed and bath linens, rugs, and décor. Furnished apartments are often available on flexible, short-term leases. If you are interested in learning more about furnished apartments, read here.  

Alternatively, a traditional apartment rental comes accessorized with appliances but no furniture or decor. The individual is responsible for furnishing the apartment themselves to their own personal style. Traditional apartments typically require the renter to sign a lease between 6 and 15 months and provide a security deposit of up to two months' rent. Residents usually must obtain renter's insurance and set up utilities on their own like electricity, WiFi, and cable. 

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Which is the Best Apartment Rental for You?  

When deciding if you should rent a traditional apartment or if you should rent a furnished apartment, start with determining your housing needs. Important considerations include convenience, flexibility, length of stay, and budget. 


A furnished apartment’s biggest advantage is convenience. It has everything you need to start living comfortably as soon as you arrive. It’s been thoughtfully furnished by an experienced design team to maximize comfort and functionality. Utilities and WiFi are set up so you can use them the day you move in, cookware and tableware are provided, and the bed is perfectly made up with fresh linens. Some may even offer extras like housekeeping service. 

Both traditional apartments and furnished apartments tend to be in convenient areas close to transit for commuters and city and suburban amenities such as dining, shopping, and entertainment. Apartment communities also may offer on-site maintenance, so if something needs repair, it can be fixed at no cost to the renter.  


Furnished apartments offer flexible lease terms, usually month-to-month.  

On the contrary, a traditional apartment rental does not offer flexibility. Once a lease is signed, the renter has entered into a contractual agreement and promises to pay the rent for the agreed duration of the lease. As mentioned above, some traditional apartment rentals offer lease-break options where the resident gives notice and pays a buyout fee. 

Length of Stay 

Individuals who know for certain they will be in the area for at least a full year may opt for a traditional apartment. These rentals require a lease agreement between six and 15 months and a minimum of 60 days’ notice if you don’t want to renew, making it a more permanent residence. Some apartments offer a lease break option if you need to move out early. A lease break will require the resident to provide at least 60 days’ notice and to pay a buyout fee, usually the cost of two months' rent.  

In contrast, someone who does not want to make a long-term commitment may opt for a furnished apartment. Furnished apartments offer short-term flexible leases, such as month-to-month, and only require a couple of weeks' notice to vacate. This is a great option for those looking for temporary housing while in between homes, exploring a new area, or going through a life transition.  


Furnished apartment pricing is often comparable to hotel rates. However, a furnished apartment feels like a home with designated living spaces, full-size appliances, and a comfortable furniture package. The monthly rent will be significantly higher than a traditional apartment rental because everything is provided for you. A furnished apartment rent includes the actual apartment, custom furniture package, household essentials like cookware and linens, utilities, and in some cases, extras like housekeeping service. 

Traditional apartments can vary in price depending on the geography and community amenities, in addition to the size of the apartment and location within the building. It is important to factor in traditional apartment rentals require a security deposit, monthly utilities, parking, and the cost of furnishing the apartment. 

Both traditional apartment rentals and furnished apartments may permit pets. Traditional apartments typically require a one-time pet fee per pet and a monthly pet rent. Furnished apartments typically require a one-time pet fee per pet.  

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Moving Reference Guide

Furnished Apartment

Relocating for a job
Testing out a new city before planting roots
Marital separation/divorce
Delayed settlement/house hunting
Renovating your home and needing a temporary place to live
Living somewhere for only part of the year, such as going to Florida or Phoenix during cold winter months

Traditional Apartment

Want an easier commute/close to transit
Saving to buy a home
Prefer carefree living year-round with no
Downsizing from a home
Looking for a permanent residence for at least 12 months
Desire a modern lifestyle with resort-style amenities

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How to Find Your Perfect Apartment?  

AVE is the pioneer of furnished apartments, elevating the standard for temporary stays since the 1960s. All 15 residential communities nationwide are owned, operated and managed by AVE, allowing the teams on site to customize the resident experience from start to finish. AVE offers flexible lease terms – residents only need to provide 15 days’ notice to vacate and can extend their stays for as long as needed.  

AVE also specializes in luxury apartment rentals for those who desire carefree living year-round. We offer longer-term leases on a menu of spacious, unfurnished floor plans with contemporary amenities.  
All residents enjoy complimentary access to on-demand, business and resort amenities and support from a friendly, attentive team on site seven days a week.  

All AVE communities are pet friendly.  

AVE has furnished apartments in Northern New Jersey, furnished apartments in Greater Philadelphia, furnished apartments in Austin Texas, furnished apartments in Dallas Texas, furnished apartments in Phoenix, Arizona, furnished apartments in East Bay of San Franscico, and furnished apartments in Tampa, Florida.   


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