The Power of Preleasing: Why You Should Rent in a New Apartment Building



What is Preleasing an Apartment? 
It’s a satisfying feeling to get something that you absolutely love and have it brand new – driving your new car off the dealership lot or setting up your new smartphone. Preleasing an apartment can give you that same satisfaction, and it secures your apartment before the community opens. 

With the competitive housing market, finding your dream apartment can be a challenge in itself. Apartments can be on the market one day and gone the next. To ensure you get the apartment you want, you may need to move in by a date that overlaps with your current lease, or you may need to settle on features like square footage, views, and preferred finishes because of limited availability. Or you can prelease and have it all.  

To prelease, you submit a rental application, wait for approval, and then place a small deposit, which secures your apartment for when it’s move-in ready. Preleasing is a proactive strategy that allows you to secure the exact apartment floorplan you want before the building is open to the public.  

What are the Benefits to Preleasing an Apartment Near Me?  

Prime Apartment Selection: Traditional apartment hunting can leave you with only a couple of available options. However, when an apartment building is preleasing, all of the floorplans are available. This gives you the opportunity to lease your dream apartment: favorite layout, floor-level, and features.  

Save on Preleasing an Apartment: Established apartment buildings are less likely to offer concessions like one month free due to high occupancy. Preleasing allows you to take advantage of enticing move-in specials. And if your apartment building isn’t offering concessions, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a competitive market rate. 

No Competition: In established buildings with high occupancy, it’s common for multiple applicants to compete for a single apartment. This can be stressful to get your hopes up and then have to resume your search.  And, application fees can add up! The good news is that a building in its preleasing phase has plenty of inventory as they are starting from scratch.  

Leasing Flexibility: Need a specific move-in date to align with your schedule? Preleasing gives you the flexibility to choose your move-in date, so your transition is seamless. 

Personalized Renting Experience: It’s likely that the apartment leasing team understands that not being able to physically tour your future apartment feels risky, so they will offer extra support and guidance. Once the building is completed, the pressure to lease the new apartments will be on, and leasing teams will be going full force to attract new residents. Taking advantage of the preleasing period is an excellent way to ensure a customized renting experience. 


Preleasing is a commitment to securing your future in an apartment that aligns perfectly with your needs. With benefits ranging from unmatched apartment selection and potential savings to simplified move-in transitions, preleasing is the key to achieving your dream home.  

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