Fun, Festive St. Patrick’s Day Party Hacks for Renters


Shamrock cookies on a green plate

You don’t have to be Irish (or a home owner) to throw a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day party. Renee Patrone, CEO of Party Host Helpers and notable Main Line party planner, shares with AVE five easy ideas to throw a party in your apartment without needing a pot of gold to pay for it!


1. Green Gear – Make all your guests wear green. Vote for the person who did the best job transforming into a leprechaun.

2. Lucky Charms Cocktail – Revisit your favorite childhood cereal with this tasty adult beverage. It’s a simple mix of marshmallow-flavored vodka and almond milk. Get the full recipe here.

3. Rainbow Veggie/Fruit Tray – Put a festive spin on this party staple. Grab a large cutting board or just pick up a Styrofoam board from the craft store and cover with foil. Take the chopped veggies/fruit and shape them into a rainbow. Have toothpicks and dips on the side.

4. DIY Decor – Fill a bunch of green balloons to create your own four-leaf clovers, like this.

5. Hire a Helper – Make your St. Patrick’s Day bash a success with Party Host Helpers. From refilling the green beer to loading your dishwasher, Party Host Helpers get the job done so the host can have fun! 

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