As General Manager of AVE Newtown Square, Carly is responsible for the overall success of the community. Every day, she is focused on the daily operations, as well as driving sales, and resident satisfaction and retention. “My goals remain the same every day, to create raving fans and maximize revenue while supporting and engaging with my team,” Carly says.

Q: What is your hometown?
Wayne, NJ

Q: How long have you been with AVE?
11 years. I started as a Resident Representative moved on to Assistant General Manager and eventually General Manager. I even helped with marketing for a little!

Q: What is a typical workday like for you?
There is no typical workday at AVE. Each day is different and that is one of the reasons I love this job!

Q: What brings you the greatest satisfaction in your role?
Raving residents would definitely be at the top. I know that I have the best team and that we provide the best service. When people compliment my team, that brings me the greatest satisfaction.

Q: What is your favorite AVE amenity or service?
Fitness is very important to me, so the AVE fitness centers are my favorite amenity. I would love to live somewhere with all of the fitness equipment and services right on-site.

Q: What is your favorite quote and why?
“When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” There is opportunity in every day. It is never too late!

Q: What is your favorite spot in Philadelphia/suburban Philly area and why?
My favorite spot would have to be King of Prussia. I love having all of the shopping and dining options so close!

Q: What’s something interesting about you that we might not know?
I knew Kourtney Kardashian in college.

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