How to Create Good Vibes in Your Apartment

Why leave luck to chance when there are simple design choices you can make in your apartment to promote good fortune and well-being.
We asked interior designers Grace Hackendorn and Erin Brumbley of Bernardon to share six simple ways and actionable tips to incorporate feng shui in your apartment today.
Why six? Because this month, we’re celebrating our 6th Annual Resident Appreciation Week, and according to feng shui practitioners, six is a lucky number.

1. Position your headboard on the commanding wall of the bedroom diagonal from the door to ensure no opportunity is missed or overlooked.


2. Add plants and greenery into your apartment to promote rejuvenation and growth. Jade, snake, and pilea plants, specifically, are known to increase your luck, wealth, and prosperity.


3. Keep your bathroom door closed to prevent positive energy and wealth from going down the drain. Also, keep your toilet lids shut when not in use to mitigate the loss of your resources.


4. Integrate vertical elements to promote your growth. This can be achieved by accessorizing with tall mirrors, ladders, bookshelves, or trees.


5. Introduce metal elements in your apartment to increase calming energies, productivity, and clarity. To achieve the ultimate concept of balance, use wood and metal in the same space.


6. Cultivate good luck and fortune by adding citrus fruits in quantities of six or multiples of three. Add a bowl of six lemons to your kitchen countertop to bring prosperity. Not to mention it will also provide easy access for cooking and cleaning.


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