How to De-Stress on Your Next Business Trip


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Business travel can be glamorous and adventurous, offering a change of scenery and the opportunity to explore a new city. But it can also be stressful – jet lag, interrupted fitness routines, poor eating habits, separation from loved ones. AVE reached out to real road warriors to find out how they de-stress when on the go.

Fitness First!
“The No. 1 thing I do to de-stress when traveling is hit the gym. Exercise itself is a de-stressor, and there is no reason to stop exercising just because you are away. One of my main requirements in a hotel is that it MUST have a gym. I also look at the photo to see if it is really a gym, and not a treadmill in a spare room. The gym connects me back home and keeps me on a regular schedule.”- Lou Altman, GlobaFone

Stay at Suite Hotels
“I stay at suite hotels because they make me feel like I’m living in a ‘home away from home.’ They have full kitchens, so I can prepare all of my meals in order to eat healthily and regularly. They also usually have in-suite laundry, so I can pack significantly fewer clothes for the trip. When I am covering Western Canada in the spring for more than 4 weeks, I must prepare for -40C to 8C temps and rain to 20C and sunshine. It’s not easy to pack for all this in one bag. Having easy access to laundry facilities helps me tremendously. I also find it comforting to do laundry in my own room. It makes it ‘homey.’”- Jaclyn Goldman, veterinary pharmaceutical sales and author of The Travelling Saleswoman.

Take an Extra Day to Explore
“I spend about one-third of the year on the road. I try to de-stress by giving myself an extra travel day to relax and discover something off the beaten path. That way, I can take in culture, the outdoors, or something unique about the place I’m visiting. That extra travel day makes the trip a little less about work and a little more about experiencing interesting things. I always come home feeling more fulfilled and relaxed.”- Chris Schieman, Chris Schieman Media & Marketing

Spice Up Your Staple
“It’s nice to have a ‘thing’ that you’re in to. That way, you can try this thing out in different areas. I love coffee, and I can drink it any time of the day without affecting my sleep. So I will visit random spots while traveling to try theirs. I’ve had some incredible espresso just by stopping in local coffeehouses. And it gives you something to look forward to!”- Timothy Trudeau, CEO, SyntaxCreative

5-Minute Journaling
“At the end of every day, just before I turn off the lights, I sit at my computer for just 5 more minutes and open “DayOne,” a fantastic journaling app on my Mac. I write down any thoughts I had, any strong emotions, as well as what went right and what went wrong. This gives me a chance to reflect on my day and be at peace with the days’ events. Doing this daily has helped to prevent my mind from racing when trying to go to sleep.”- Cody McLain, CEO, Ninja Partners Inc.

Hike, Bike, Play a Round!
“Try to make time for something you like to do, besides work. I love mountain biking, so I will sometimes take my mountain bike with me when I travel locally or regionally. After my business meetings, I’ll make my way to a nearby trail. It really helps me unwind and to get in some great exercise. An added benefit is that since I’m traveling, I get to experience new trails in cities I normally wouldn’t see! If you’re a golfer, take your clubs with you on a business trip. You might get a chance to play a round with a new business contact or client, which could help solidify your relationship. And since golfers are always looking for an excuse to try a course they haven’t played before, business travel is the perfect way to experience courses you’ve dreamed of playing.”- Ryan Hulland, Director of Business Development, Netfloor USA.

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