AVE Comedy Night


Last summer, we brought food trucks. Last winter, we brought boutiques to create a home holiday shopping experience. To kickoff Summer 2014, we brought the beach to your backyard. This fall, AVE brought the funny with live comedy entertainment right at home.

In September, our teams hosted special Resident Receptions all centered on live comedy acts.

Our New Jersey communities teamed up with Jersey Night Live Entertainment, a comedy division providing entertainment event services throughout the Tri-State, to bring live comedy shows with seasoned headliners including Joe Fernandes, Doug Karpf, and Jerrold Benford.

Light fare was provided throughout the act. The Clifton show (show in video) on Thursday, September 25th from 6-8 pm was catered by Buco Ristorante in Clifton, the Union show on Wednesday, September 24th from 6-8 pm was catered by Ferraro’s of Westfield, and the Somerset show on Tuesday, September 30th from 6-8 pm was catered by Moe’s Southwest Grill in Somerset.

AVE residents were treated to a live performance by Better than Bacon, a local improv comedy troupe, on Wednesday, September 24th from 5:30-7 pm. The group made up every single word and performed every single action completely on-the-spot, all driven by audience suggestions.

A sense of humor was required, as no resident was safe from becoming part of the show!

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