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AVE and Standard Textile Repurpose 836 Pounds of Linens in First-year Pilot Recycling Program


AVE has partnered with Standard Textile for 9 years to provide responsibly sourced, luxurious, and durable linens for our fully furnished apartments. In 2022, they invited us to participate in their new sustainability program, Take Back, to repurpose our retired linens in their manufacturing processes.  

“We’ve discovered values aligning with Standard Textile in many areas such as being a people-first organization, striving to be best-in-class in their industry, and a desire to be sustainable in their operations,” says Jacy Sharbaugh, Director of Operations for AVE. “We were honored when they invited us to participate in their new sustainability initiative.” 

It’s operationally seamless. Standard Textile supplies our 15 communities nationwide with boxes and shipping labels, and our on-site teams package up any retired linens to recyclers on both coasts. 

These linens then become circular products, meaning they are designed with their end life in mind and will be thoughtfully repurposed instead of succumbing to a landfill. “Creating circularity and exploring ways to take back products for reuse and recycling is a priority for Standard Textile,” says Melanie Boyle, Director of Corporate Sustainability for Standard Textile. “We’re excited that AVE is partnering with us for the Take Back Recycling Pilot Program and look forward to providing a sustainable solution in the future.” 

“We’ve always valued the quality product Standard Textile delivers for our furnished apartments, but this brings another dimension to our partnership, having the opportunity to make an even greater impact on the environment through their recycling program," says Sharbaugh.  

AVE donated 836 pounds of linens in 2022, the first year of the program, most of which were downcycled into insulation products. We look forward to our continued collaboration to further our impact in 2023. 

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