5 Simple Things Renters Can Do Now to be Happier and Healthier


The start of each year brings new opportunities to be a better you. It can be daunting to set goals and make change in today’s climate where uncertainty is so prevalent, but these five simple tips will ensure wellness is an attainable reality. Renters can embrace these tips from our experts using AVE’s unparalleled amenities for flexible, carefree living.

Love Better: Welcome a New Furry Friend
Adopting a pet fills the home with love and establishes a bond that promotes wellness in countless areas of life. “With so much uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, there's a certain comfort in having a pet to come home to that doesn't care about any of it,” says Dr. Micah Youello from Heart + Paw King of Prussia. “The unconditional love pets give us is special, and it's important and incredibly helpful to just turn off the news and spend some time with them.” Pet ownership provides mental and emotional benefits, but also physical as well, especially for seniors. “Owning a pet supports active living, helps maintain a stable routine, and improves community relations,” says Dr. Youello. Furry friends will feel right at home at AVE where we offer pet-inclusive spaces and events throughout the year.


Work Better: Adjust Home Workspace
“The reality of the work from home life is going to be with us for the unforeseeable future and as such, you need to have a workstation that is not trying to destroy you,” says fellow AVE resident and chiropractor Dr. Beau Casey with The Back Space. AVE’s luxury apartments and comfortable, flex workspaces provide an elevated setting for a productive remote setup. To fully embrace these amenities and maintain a balanced home workspace, there are a few easy adjustments you can make so your body stays happy, healthy, and less achy. “Give yourself breaks, lift your chest, switch up seating, make the investment for your workspace, and consider chiropractic work,” says Dr. Casey.


Breathe Better: Bring the Outside In
Incorporating plants in the home is a simple design choice that can create a major impact. “Plants not only help to beautify the space, they also provide oxygen,” says interior designer Grace Hackendorn with Bernardon. “This helps improve mood, reduce fatigue, lower stress and anxiety, and cleans the indoor air.” Plants are also a creative outlet, providing something to do and care for year-round to feel less trapped inside. The mental clarity and ease from indoor greenery is the perfect complement to AVE’s warm and spacious luxury apartments.


Rest Better: Improve Quality of Sleep
Restful nights are the foundation for prosperous days. “Getting the right amount of sleep is essential in keeping your body and mind in top physical condition,” Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says. “Proper sleep helps to improve learning, heals our body, and can help you function well throughout the day.” AVE offers spacious residences with floorplans to accommodate king size beds, specially designed to foster healthy and rejuvenating sleep.


Play Better: Connect with Community
While the world distanced during the pandemic, it’s important to remember the value of coming together. “Being involved in a community can stave off the feelings of loneliness, increase your sense of happiness and well-being, sharpen your memory and cognitive skills and may even help you live longer,” says new AVE resident and Certified Health Coach Stacey Blum with JSD. AVE’s first-class amenities and fun resident events provide the community with the space and opportunities to become acquainted with new and friendly faces alike.


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