7 Easy Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Apartment Style


Florham Park apartment

Significant changes to apartment design are not always an option. But it’s important that you feel “at home” in your home. That’s why AVE sought the advice of someone who knows apartments very well, RENTCafe apartments. Their experts shared 7 easy design tips to bring more “you” into your rental.

Liven up your walls with removable wallpaper
Self-adhesive, vinyl, removable wallpaper updates the look of your apartment without damaging the walls. It’s both easy to install and most important, to remove. The vinyl coating makes it work in bathroom and kitchen spaces as well. Try a bright, fun pattern on just one wall to add character to a room, and tie it to the rest of the space via your décor accent choices.

Add a fresh coat of paint to the interior
Using paint to bring new life to your apartment is a smart choice — as long as it’s done well, and the walls can be returned to their original state. Re-painting partitions is a simple way to rejuvenate your interior, and if you opt for a neutral color, it’s very likely that your management company won’t mind. Remember, it’s always best to ask permission before you begin any project!

Use lighting to create a spacious and airy feel
Lighting is crucial to creating a healthy home environment. Proper lighting opens up any space, while insufficient light can negatively affect your mood. Replacing bulbs with LED lights is both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. Attach LED ribbons (they are self-adhesive) in the kitchen area, under the upper cabinets, or in the hallway to create a night path. They are a great choice for both task and accent lighting.

Make home where the art is
There’s no better way to make a rental feel like home than by adding artwork. Introduce elements, paintings, and pieces that cultivate a feeling of health and comfort. Have you ever collected interesting rocks or shells on your summer vacations? Display them on a shelf in the living room. Do the same with your collection of antique dishes, framed prints, or photos that you hold dear. If you‘re aiming for something unique — trim your photos to fit inside glass jars, put them on that shelf and enjoy your personal masterpiece.

Give everything its own place 
Nothing will burden your place more than clutter. It makes your space seem smaller, and it can negatively affect your state of mind. Start by taking inventory of your clothing — anything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months, should go. Removing these pieces will make room for the clothes you actually wear. And with all that newfound space, you’ll have an excuse for a shopping trip. Just make sure you keep all your new clothes nicely stored — you don’t want the clutter back!

If you’re struggling with storage space, use multi-functional furniture pieces. Footstools, for example, offer seating along with storage space. A coffee table that doubles as a bookshelf, a kitchen island that turns into a dining set, loft beds, anything that is foldable, stackable, and can be moved aside, will expand your storage options.

Infuse your home with colorful textiles
One of the easiest ways to personalize your space is by adding color – whether it’s via throw pillows, wall art, or energetic plants. Complimentary colors and patterns can quickly transform any space. A vibrant area rug will help define the function of the space, while warming it up.

Create happy interiors with fresh flowers 
We saved the easiest update for last. Simply add some fresh flowers to your space. This will instantly invigorate your apartment, and according to research, your mood!

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