Fitness Resolutions: Set Yourself up for Success


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Statistic Brain ranked the top 10 resolutions for 2014. It was no surprise that “Lose Weight” was No. 1. “Staying Fit and Healthy” — a lifestyle, we at AVE, always set out to support with our 24-hour fitness centers and health and wellness programs – took the No. 5 spot. Whether you want to lose weight or stay in shape, these goals are difficult to maintain with our busy lifestyles.

We reached out to Wendy Reo, owner of CrossFit Nutley, only 1 mile from AVE Clifton, to give us some pointers on how to approach fitness resolutions to set ourselves up for success.

Do Your Research- Find an exercise and nutrition plan that claims to produce the results you want. After you identify a few, choose the one that most appeals to you and is best suited for your lifestyle.

Have a Plan- Once you have chosen your exercise and nutrition plan, think about when you will be able to prepare food, shopping lists, travel, if you do not live alone, consider your family. Schedule your workouts ahead of time, so you know exactly which days and times you are going to the gym. Plan the rest of your week around your workouts, so you don’t miss.

Stay Focused and Committed- Focus on what you want and not what you don’t have. Set your goals with no time restraints. Resolve to make a lifestyle change and be patient with yourself. If you remain consistent, you will get the results you are seeking. Follow your plans exactly and don’t add your own twists and variations.

Preparation- Put a weekly meal plan together. Write down every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and daily snacks. Make a grocery list and buy only what you plan to eat for the week, nothing more.

Be Flexible- Life happens! Give yourself a cheat day or two cheat meals per week. Allowing yourself a treat here or there will keep you on track the rest of the week. If you know you will be attending a party over the weekend, plan your cheat meal for that day.

Don’t Let Others Get in Your Way- If everyone in your household is not on board with your resolution, don’t let that stop you. Clear a cabinet and an area of the refrigerator for your food. When you bring groceries home, wash and pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Having them ready-to-go, will save you time later. Make food for the week. Baked egg and vegetable frittatas can be made ahead and portioned for easy breakfasts all week. Tuna salads, grilled chicken, and soups or stews can be made once and portioned out for a full week of meals.

Eat Frequently- Eating complete meals, five or six times a day will give you sustained energy and keep your metabolism stable. Eat protein, carbohydrates, healthy fat, and drink water with and in between each meal.

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