5 Tips for Renters for Easy Holiday Entertaining



You don’t need a big house to be the hostess with the mostess this holiday season. AVE reached out to Philadelphia’s Main Line event planner extraordinaire Renee Patrone for 5 easy ways apartment renters can make a big impact.

1. Set up a DIY Photo Booth- If you’re crafty, check out Pinterest for some DIY holiday prop ideas. Can’t cut a straight line? Papersource.comhas some affordable festive kits like a reindeer holiday masks and New Year’s photo props. Dig out your old Polaroid camera and snap away! If party guests prefer to use their cell phones, create a hashtag for the evening and encourage guests to enjoy all the pics on social media. This set-up doesn’t even require a designated spot. Scatter the props throughout your space and let your guests take the lead.

2. Guests Create the Playlist- Ask guests to supply their 3 favorite holiday or party songs with their RSVP, pre-load them on your playlist or include them on the DJ wish list.

3. Pre-Mix Signature Spirits- Save bar space by choosing one festive signature drink and pre-mix pitchers to serve. Patrone’s personal favorite is poinsettia punch.

4. Eliminate MIA Glasses- Purchase affordable wine and champagne glasses from IKEA or the Christmas Tree Shops and paint the base with chalkboard paint. Give guests chalk upon arrival so they can label with their name or festive doodle. That way, guests can keep track of their glass and you won’t have extra glasses all over your space. Encourage guests to take their glass home as a parting gift.

5. Hire a Host Helper- You’ve worked so hard planning your festive fete, hire someone for $40/hour to take coats, clear dishes, serve drinks, and clean your kitchen.

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