5 Real Road Warrior Couples & How They Connected on Valentine’s Day



Being away from loved ones always tops the list of business travel burdens. For most couples, this separation is even more difficult on Feb. 14th. AVE reached out to real road warriors to find out how they connected with their sweetheart to make them feel special (or vice versa) on Valentine’s Day.

Send Along a Surprise Twenty-five years ago, Stephanie Rach-Wilson was feeling blue about an upcoming business trip that would keep her away from her husband on Valentine’s Day. But when she opened her suitcase upon arriving at her hotel, she found a heart-shaped box of her favorite chocolates with a sweet note right on top. To this day, the same box of chocolates with the same loving note pops up somewhere to surprise her every Valentine’s Day – whether she’s at home or away on another business trip.

Enlist Help from Accommodation Team William Bauer and his girlfriend of two years Sarah knew they weren’t going to celebrate Valentine’s Day together because he was registered for a leather goods manufacturing conference in Italy. But that didn’t stop Sarah from showing William just how much she cared about him. A week before his flight, she reached out to the hotel staff where he would be staying and asked them to make special arrangements for his arrival. To William’s surprise, he opened the door to a handwritten card, rose petals, and the scent of her perfume throughout the room.

Plan a Weekend Escape Two years ago, Julie Hawkins’ husband was on extended business travel in Colorado, while she was a few states away in Mississippi. To spend time together on Valentine’s Day, the couple, who was married for more than 30 years, planned a weekend getaway from both of their locations – to a place they’d talked about visiting since they were first dating, New Orleans. It just happened to be Mardi Gras, so it became an extra special Valentine’s celebration.

Go the Extra Mile or 8,000 Two years ago, Emma Merkas and her husband Denis were on opposite ends of the world on Valentine’s Day. He was in California for a business trip and she was managing their businesses at home in Australia. Because of the time difference, Emma booked a Skype call with Denis at 1 pm PST. Once connected online, she gave him special instructions with an address within walking distance of his office. It took him to a really nice restaurant on Yelp that she found, and Denis arrived to a pre-ordered, three-course lunch with all his favorite foods. By the time he got back to the office, Emma was waiting with her special Valentine’s breakfast she prepared in front of the computer, and they had a lovely meal together via Skype.

Celebrate Another Day Dan Nainan is a professional comedian who travels all over the world doing clean comedy. This Valentine’s Day, he’ll be flying home from six shows in Pakistan. Since he can’t spoil her on Feb. 14th, he’s planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day on another day in New York City. And he’s pulling out all the stops! (Trust us, it’s good, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.)

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